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Electric Vehicles; Buildings; Electrical Loads


Efforts to increase the availability of plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) charging stations have focused on expanding public charging stations, promoting charging at the workplace and using charging stations as a shopping incentive for retail stores. This report examines the costs and energy uses to provide the charging service. Rapidly charging a PEV requires expensive electric equipment and can lead to high operating costs due to electrical demand charges. This project presents results from a detailed case study for 5 PEV chargers where the charger electricity costs are a part of a facilities electric bill. Also presented are options for minimizing the electrical demand costs of the facility. These results show that electrical charging costs can be minimized if the workplace chargers are operated using a building energy management system (EMS) to control electricity use. In addition, the equipment costs will need to be capitalized through station use from multiple vehicles. Otherwise workplace charging can be costly

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Electric Vehicles; Buildings - Electrical Loads


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