Cooling With Ventilation

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Fairey, Philip; Houston, Michael

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Cooling; Buildings; Ventilation


In keeping with the national energy policy foal of fostering an adequate supply of energy at a reasonable cost, the United States Department of Energy (DOE) supports a variety of programs to promote a balanced and mised energy resource system. The mission of the DOE Solar Building Research and Development Program is to support this goal by providing for the development of solar technology alternatives for the buildings sector. It is the goal of the Program to establish a proven technology base to allow industry to develop solar products and designs for buildings that are economically competitive and can contribute significantly to building energy supplies nationally. Toward this end, the Program sponsors research activities related to increasing the efficiency, reducing the cost, and improving the long-term durability of passive and active soalr systems for building water and space heating, cooling, and daylighting applications. These activites are conducted in four major areas: (1) Advanced Passive Solar Materials Research, (2) Collector Technology Research, (3) Cooling Systems Research, and (4) Systems Analysis and Application Research.

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Buildings - Cooling; Buildings - Ventilation

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