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Reporting period ending September 2016, the EVTC authored 20 publications and 16 presentations, attended 4 workshops and conferences, held or participated in 17 STEM events, and published 2 newsletters. Researchers in Hawaii have applied for a provisional patent (Project #9).In the research area, a life-cycle assessment was completed for workplace charging stations (Project #3), FDOT requested revision to the EVTC/CUTR transportation planning research proposal (Project #4), models were developed for assessing battery energy storage for demand limiting applications and for siting public EV charging stations (Project #8), Li-Ion battery cell performance measurements continue (Project #9), and a 30 kVA bi-directional V2G power supply was installed in the EV lab (Project #15). Collaborative efforts for the period included engagement with Florida DOT and the University of South Florida on transportation planning to accommodate EVs. In the education and STEM area, six courses were offered, 17 STEM and K-12 education events were held, and 77 stakeholders and 14 sponsors are currently registered and/or supporting the EVTC's second EV Transportation & Technology Summit in October 2016.

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