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Alternative Fuel Vehicles


This report examines the life-cycle costs associated with the operation of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) and the impact that plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) charging may have on commercial building electricity cost. This study assumed that a utility electric meter was attached to each charging station and that 10 kWh of energy was required to replenish the energy consumed during a typical 35-mile daily work commute. Through a life-cycle assessment of typical EVSE equipment, including first cost and maintenance and operating costs, it was found that AC Level 1 or 2 workplace charging can be similar to or lower in cost than charging at home. The cost to charge a PEV at home using an AC Level 1 charging station is $1.79 per charging session while charging at work would cost $1.53 if utility demand charges were not part of the electric bill or $1.79 if demand charges were included. Charging the PEV at higher power levels (e.g. AC Level 2 or DC Level 2) can result in much higher costs when charging stations are used only once per day.

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Alternative Fuel Vehicles


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