Evaluation Of Mini-Split Heat Pumps As Supplemental And Full System Retrofits In A Hot Humid Climate

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Parker, Danny; Martin, Eric

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Hot Humid Climates; Buildings


In the Phased Deep Retrofit Project, 53 Florida homes have been monitored for a three-year period with detailed sub-metered data on heat pump energy use as well as temperatures and interior humidity conditions. High-efficiency 25.5 SEER, 12 HSPF, 1-ton, supplemental, inverter-driven ductless mini-split heat pumps (MSHP) were installed in the main living area of ten central Florida homes with the goal of reducing space heating and cooling energy by decreasing runtime of the less efficient, existing central system. Two additional homes received high-efficiency, ductless heat pumps as complete central system replacements - a single ducted unit and a multi-split design.

The supplemental MSHP installations showed median energy savings of 33% (6.7 kWh/day) for space cooling and 59% (6.5 kWh/day) for heating. A large added consumer benefit is a redundant heating and cooling system. Two additional homes that received complete high-efficiency replacements, abandoning the central system, exhibited cooling energy use savings of 37% (7.8 kWh/day) and 29% (3.5 kWh/day). While significant cooling savings were measured, the multi-split installation suffered comfort issues. The mini-split replacement, however, showed superior interior moisture control.

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Presented at the 2016 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings

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Buildings; Hot Humid Climates


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