Solar Energy Research Institute India Us (Seriius) Project Quarterly Report April - June 2016

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Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) a research center of the University of Central Florida is participating in the project, Solar Energy Research Institute India US' (SERIIUS) project in the PV5 Task 1: Module Reliability Testing. Current Milestone is P24: Exchange of available data and information and P25: Development of detailed database of reliability data for modules among the ASU, NISE, FSEC, & IISc (TASK 1) is on-going. The progress is satisfactory. During this quarter in collaboration with NISE regarding the high voltage bias testing of PV modules and our expertise to develop a high voltage PV module testing is continuing. FSEC has two platforms for high voltage bias testing. The information and experience on how to design and construct these platforms as well as high voltage bias testing measurement and the interpretation of the results are being offered to NISE. The PI plans to visit India during January-March 2017 to pursue discussion to set up similar platforms at the locations of their choice.

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