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Brooker, R. Paul

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Alternative Fuel Vehicles


The object of this research report is to present the current market status of plug-in-electric vehicles (PEVs) and to predict their future penetration within the world and U.S. markets. The sales values for 2015 show that China leads in yearly sales at 214,283 (triple increase for 2014) followed by Western Europe at 184,500 vehicles sold. The U.S. is third at 115,262 followed by Japan at 46,339 vehicles. These four countries comprise 95% of the global sales market. The world total of EV sales for 2015 is estimated to be 565,668 up from 315,519 in 2014. This data also shows that the overall world growth is 79% and that Western Europe is now ahead of the U.S. in total cumulative vehicles. Within the U.S., the PEV sales results for 2015 show that 115,262 vehicles were sold as compared to 118,882 vehicles in 2014 which is lower by -3 % from 2014. However, sales for the first 6 months of 2016 are 19% greater than the sales for the same period in 2015. On a state basis, California is the largest market with about 55% of the sales for 2015 and a growth of 4.6% over 2014. The total cumulative number of EVs sold in the U.S. over the six year lifetime is now at more than 400,000 vehicles. Looking at the U.S. PEV sales data, the future has dimmed over the past year. However, when consideration is given to the world market, the future is extremely bright and the U.S. may well be left behind. PEVs in the world market are rapidly growing due to the various country policies and to the development of lithium-ion batteries from both a technological and manufacturing standpoint.

The current work also evaluated the types of barriers to EV usage and the actions, incentives and research to overcome the barriers. The barriers to large scale EV usage are costs, range, availability of charging stations, charging time, battery life and infrastructure, standard and permitting. Results are presented for overcoming each of the barriers that includes incentives and technical progress.

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Alternative Fuel Vehicles



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