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Kettles, J. Doug; Harrison, John

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Transportation; Alternative Fuel Vehicles


The U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) and almost every state DOT are showing extreme interest in the application of automated and connected vehicles (ACV). This combined application can significantly reduce crashes, energy consumption, pollution and the costs of congestion which in turn will offer a fundamental change to the U.S. transportation network and system. The objective of this technology assessment project is to evaluate the vehicle technologies, actions, laws and policies that are now in place and to assess their future usage. The assessment also evaluates the highest level of automated vehicles called autonomous or self-driving vehicles. In fact, autonomous vehicles are the area that is receiving the most interest from both the general public and government agencies. The project will also evaluate how electric vehicles (EVs) will participate in this future ACV transportation system.

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Alternative Fuel Vehicles; Transportation


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