Performance & Interface Studies Of Sno:Sb/Si Solar Cells

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Dhere, Neelkanth; Dhere, Neelkanth; Kazmerski, Lawrence; Swartzlander, Amy; Dick, John


The layer composition, interfacial chemistry, and performance of sprayed, antimony-doped SnOx/Si solar cells are investigated. The devices and interfaces were examined by Auger electron spectroscopy and secondary ion mass spectrometry for composition and impurities. Electrical and metallurgical junction location has been established by complementary EBIC and Auger voltage contrast. Higher efficiency- solar cells are fabricated at higher SnOx:Sb processing temperatures. This is attributed to the lower Cl content of the films, higher Sb content leading to decreased layer resistivity, a diminished Sb accumulation at the junction, and a thinner, better defined SiOx transition region.

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