Hybrid Microgrid With Energy Storage Recommendation For The Dry Tortugas Garden Key National Park

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Buildings; Energy Analysis; Photovoltaics


This report provides a summary of energy measurement findings recorded from the generator serving Fort Jefferson, Garden Key, Dry Tortugas. Data analyzed in the report is used to investigate the implementation of a microgrid system with energy storage. The National Park Service (NPS ' Homestead, FL) goal is to deliver electricity during nighttime hours from an energy storage bank for a clean and noiseless environment and save on diesel fuel. Generator power measurements recorded, include the electric demand of the Garden Key-Fort Jefferson compound plus the Motor Vehicle Fort Jefferson (MVFJ) supply boat, as it was electrically connected at the dock. Power measured during the nighttime hours between 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM were examined for two nights (Sept. 9-10 and Sept. 10-11). Power demand for the 8-hour period averaged 46.4 kW with a peak demand of 56.7 kW. Electricity used averaged 372 kilowatt-hours (kWh) based on the two 8-hour nighttime periods. Sizing considerations for energy storage at Garden Key required direct manufacturer inquiry and literature search on various technologies currently available in 2015. Lithium-ion and Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries are considered since they provide maintenance-free service and represent the highest percentage of energy storage batteries utilized for energy storage in 2014. Recommendations for energy storage are made based on the 372 kilowatt-hours measured during the 8-hour night time period in September, plus a 10% incurred on charging and discharging losses. Additional storage to operate around a 50% depth of discharge (DOD) suggest that a minimum total storage of 500 kilowatt-hours is needed at Garden key. Recommendations to utilize a renewable photovoltaic array are made to relieve the generator charging the energy storage during daytime hours. Finally, codes and safety regulations applicable to energy storage systems are discussed.

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Buildings - Energy Analysis; Photovoltaics


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