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This report provides information regarding the photovoltaic systems that are associated with the 2014 Sunsense/Sunsmart School Plus-UP program. Dave Click led the project as Principal Investigator and technical expert. Susan Schleith, participated as Co-Principal Investigator and education/school liaison. Four schools participated in the program. Each of the photovoltaic systems installed at the schools was inspected by the University of Central Florida's Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC), as well as the local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ). This report details the results of the final inspections associated with National Electric Code (NEC) and performance testing as required by the Sunsense/Sunsmart Schools Plus-UP program for each school. All schools satisfactorily passed final inspection. All deliverables associated with the program have been met. Documentation relating to permits, SunEye Report, Operation Manual and photos are provided on a separate CD as part of this report.

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