Heed And Tem Study Of Epitaxial Cds/Inp Thin Films On Nacl

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Parikh, Nalin


Basal planes of hexagonal cadmium sulphide high vacuum deposited on the (111) faces of NaCl single crystals by the hot wall technique have been used for epitaxial deposition of indium phosphide by evaporation of the constituent elements. Two 2-d {111} orientations, of InP films, 180' to one another were found to develop. Two new hexagonal structures with respective c0 values corresponding to 3a0 of CdS and 2a0 of InP and also a cubic superstructure having a0 equal to 8 a0/3 of InP have been encountered in some instances. The new phases have been attributed to intermixing in the heteroepitaxial films.

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