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Section, Duct sealing upon equipment replacement (Mandatory), of the 2012 Supplement to the Florida Building Code, Energy Conservation went into effect briefly in 2013. The new section required sealing of accessible ducts at the time of HVAC equipment replacement. Exception #1 however, eliminates the requirement for ducts in conditioned space, and by doing so, effectively eliminates the sealing requirement for building cavities in conditioned space that are used as air distribution paths. However, test results show that these building cavities are often connected to adjacent unconditioned spaces, in effect they are not really in the conditioned space because they are not fully separated from unconditioned space. This investigation concerns repair of building cavities used for return air plenums in interior air handler closets. Researchers worked with three affordable housing entities renovating foreclosed homes in disrepair to address three research questions and modeled improvement to estimate impact of the return repair strategies manifested in the study. Researchers did not attempt to influence the contractors' approaches to the return plenum.

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