Side-By-Side Testing Of High-Efficiency Condensate Natural Gas And Solar Water Heating Supplemented By Natural Gas Annual Report

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The Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) has investigated the performance of high efficiency natural gas water heating appliances under contract to the Florida Natural (FNGA). The two-year contract (FSEC #2012-8240) supplements as cost share to a larger water heating evaluation efforts performed at the hot water systems laboratory (HWSL) in Cocoa, FL. The laboratory conducts evaluation and data collection for periods of twelve months on seven systems simultaneously side-by-side. All systems were submitted to hot water loads measuring the energy consumption and efficiency performance using two distinctive alternated hot water draw schedules (i.e., ASHRAE 90.2 and NREL/BA). The latter hot water schedule represents a typical family hot water load being derived from field data obtained from three regions in Florida.

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Water Heating


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