Technical Subtopic 2.1: Modeling Variable Refrigerant Flow Heat Pump And Heat Recovery Equipment In Energyplus: Task 8.0 - Compare Field Demonstration Building Energy Use To Computer Simulations

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HVAC; Buildings; Simulation; Heat Pumps; Heating


The Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) heat pump model was implemented in V7.0.0.036 (Task 2). This report presents the field test condition, describes the validation methodology and discusses the validation results of the VRF heat pump computer model using field measured data. The VRF heat pump field performance test was conducted in the Electric PowerResearch Institute (EPRI) test facility at Knoxville, TN. Field measured performance data collected during heat recover operating mode was not adequate for validation purpose hence, the validation report focused on the heat pump operating mode only.

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Heat Pumps; Heating; Buildings - HVAC; Simulation


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