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Hot Humid Climates


This project evaluates the renovation of a 5,800-ft2, multiuse facility located in St. Petersburg, on the west coast of central Florida, in the hot-humid climate. An optimal package of retrofit measures was designed to deliver 30%-40% annual energy cost savings for this building with annual utility bills exceeding $16,000 and high base load consumption. Researchers projected energy cost savings for potential retrofit measures based on pre-retrofit findings and disaggregated, weather-normalized utility data. A cost-benefit analysis was conducted for the seven retrofit measures implemented; adding attic insulation and sealing soffits, tinting windows, improving whole-building airtightness, upgrading heating and cooling systems and retrofitting the air distribution system, replacing water heating systems, retrofitting lighting, and replacing laundry equipment.

Based on additional data collected from a post-retrofit audit, the projected energy cost savings for the full retrofit package are 35%; projected annual energy cost savings are $5,375. Projections using full measure costs indicate that the lighting retrofit and window film measures yield the highest savings to investment ratios. However, when considering only incremental costs, the high-efficiency heating and air conditioning systems presented the strongest savings to investment ratio.

The building's architectural characteristics, vintage, and occupancy profile presented challenges from a simulation perspective and from an audit/data collection perspective to optimize a retrofit measure package and resulting economic projection. This report addresses these challenges in an effort to assist contractors and energy auditors implementing deep-energy retrofits in structures with characteristics that are similar to the subject building. The report also includes a true-up methodology that aligns pre-retrofit utility data with simulation weather data, a technique that is useful for modeling energy efficiency retrofits in general.

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Hot Humid Climates


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