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Energy Efficiency; Buildings; Moisture; Roofs


This report summarizes the work conducted by the Building America Industrialized Housing Partnership (BAIHP - during the final budget period (BP5) of our contract, January 1, 2010 to November 30, 2010. Highlights from the four previous budget periods are included for context.

BAIHP is led by the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) of the University of Central Florida. With over 50 Industry Partners including factory and site builders, work in BP5 was performed in six tasks areas:

  • Task 1: Building America System Research Management, Documentation and Technical Support
  • Task 2A: Stage G1A: Integrated Solutions for Specific Climate Regions
  • Task 2B: Stage G1B: System Performance Evaluations
  • Task 3: Stage G2: Prototype House Evaluations
  • Task 4: Stage G3: Initial Community Scale Evaluations Task
  • 5: Project Closeout, Final Review of BA Communities
  • Task 6: Other Research Activities

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Buildings - Energy Efficiency; Buildings - Moisture; Buildings - Roofs


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