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Chasar, David; Fenaughty, Karen; Parker, Danny

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Heat Pumps; Energy Analysis


There is a trend for homeowners to install efficient ductless air-source heat pumps (ASHP) as a supplement to less efficient existing space conditioning systems, with most homeowners adding one unit in a central living area. Because of the potential for ASHPs to save energy by providing a large portion of the space conditioning, utilities have incentivized this strategy. However, post installation evaluations suggest ASHPs are not reaching their full potential because the existing heating system continues to operate more than necessary. This report describes a measurement and verifications strategy for a research project that aims to maximize savings from supplemental ASHPs by demonstrating how integrated controls can manage the interaction of multiple space conditioning systems to improve performance. Submitted to New York State Energy Research and Development Authority. FSEC is a subcontractor to Levy Partnership.

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Buildings - Energy Analysis; Heat Pumps


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