Final Report: Evaluating Hot Water Use At Publix Store 1171 Lakeland, Florida

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Water Heating; Buildings; Monitoring


The study objective of this effort contracted with the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) was to analytically determine the time of day hot water use (Btu and gallons) and time of day backup electrical use (kWh and kW) by direct monitoring of the Publix store #1171 in Lakeland, Florida that has an identically configured refrigeration heat recovery system as a previously monitored Publix store at Stoneybrook. The Lakeland store used a reduced thermostat setting of 120 degrees F on the electric hot water tank. The study showed that with the reduced thermostat setting, the refrigeration unit heat recovery system was able to provide all the hot water use and tank standby usage energy for the store.

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Buildings; Monitoring; Water Heating


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