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Fairey, Philip; Hendron, Robert

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Buildings; Energy Consumption


This report addresses the ever increasing percentage of whole house energy use that is attributable to miscellaneous electricity loads (MELs) and major appliances. It builds on earlier U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) reports on the same subject and incorporates the 2005 Residential Energy Consumption Survey (RECS) public use data set to determine how major appliance use is related to the number of bedrooms in existing homes. These data, coupled with existing and proposed DOE appliance testing and labeling standards, are then used to determine a set of baseline lighting and appliance energy end use values for use in the HERS Reference and Building America Benchmark whole house energy analysis procedures. The report makes recommendations for revising the reference standards that are in current use and provides mechanisms for expanding the number and types of lighting and major appliances that are considered to be rated features of a home. The report also provides a section on the potential of energy feedback devices and home energy management systems to reduce home energy use.

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Buildings - Energy Consumption


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