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Hermelink, Andreas; Moyer, Neil; Parker, Danny

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Roofs; Florida; Buildings


An experimental evaluation has been conducted on a building-integrated night sky cooling system designed to substantially reduce space cooling needs in homes in North American climates. The system uses a sealed attic covered by a highly conductive metal roof (a roof integrated radiator) which is selectively linked by air flow to the main zone with the attic zone to provide cooling - largely during nighttime hours. Available house mass is used to store sensible cooling. The system's capability for solar dehumidification with minimal electricity input is demonstrated with long-term performance data taken over 2007 - 2009. A year-long study period , with identical white roofs, showed a cooling energy reduction of 12% in Central Florida with superior dehumidification. An opportunity experiment in the second year of monitoring also found that the simple measure of implementing reflective walls can produce a further measured 9% cooling energy reduction.

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Florida; Buildings - Roofs


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