Investigating Solutions To Second-Story Wind Washing Issues In Florida Homes (Phase 1 Interim Report)

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Withers Jr., Charles; Lahiff, Ian

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Buildings; Wind; Humidity; Air Flow; Monitoring


Wind washing has been identified as a potentially significant energy, demand, comfort, and humidity issue in some two-story Florida homes. Wind washing occurs when attic spaces over first-floor portions of the home abut the second story, and the floor cavity of the second story is open to that attic space. A study to identify these air flow failures and possible insulation system failures in adjacent knee walls has begun. Field testing has been completed in 23 homes and monitoring and repair is being implemented in six homes. Significant wind washing potential has been found in about 40% of the tested homes. Relatively few knee wall insulation problems have been identified. Monitoring of temperature, humidity, and AC energy consumption in six homes was begun in June 2009 and will continue into the fall of 2009. Repairs were implemented in six homes in September 2009. A final report will document results from field testing in 32 homes and monitoring in 6 homes, including the cost of repairs, energy savings, and demand savings.

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Buildings - Air Flow; Humidity; Monitoring; Wind


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