Estimated Energy And Peak Demand Reductions Of Multiple Energy Efficiency Retrofit Measures For Orlando Residences

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Raustad, Richard; Vieira, Robin; Fenaughty, Karen

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Energy Efficiency; Retrofits; Peak Demand


In this report we estimate the impact of seven Orlando Utilities Commission's (OUC) rebate programs for existing residential customers. We evaluated multiple OUC energy efficiency measures as part of its residential rebate programs. We have previously reported on results for its heat pump programs as well as its ceiling insulation program as separate reports. The following residential rebate programs are evaluated here, both empirically from AMI data and also from simulation assessment:

  • Energy Star Water Heater (Heat Pump Water Heaters)
  • Energy Star Clothes Washer
  • Window Replacement
  • Window Film Retrofit
  • Duct Repair and Replacement
  • Wall Foam Insulation
  • Solar Thermal Program
Not surprisingly, in our evaluation, we found the OUC rebate programs to be of highly varied effectiveness.

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Buildings - Energy Efficiency; Buildings - Peak Demand; Buildings - Retrofits


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