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Cummings, Jamie

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EnergyGauge; Windows; Heat Pumps; HVAC; Heating; Buildings


Two hourly energy simulation software, BEopt and Energy Gauge USA, were compared to ensure accuracy and evaluate agreement on the impact of various energy efficiency improvements. Within the Building America program, these software aid design teams working toward the U.S. Department of Energy's goal to make Zero Energy Homes economically viable by 2025. Builders use the software to achieve the extensive energy savings (70%-80%) from various measures before adding solar electric power generation. The study found that in general, BEopt and EnergyGauge USA agree fairly well on the impact of energy efficiency improvements, while identifying several discrepancies that need further review, such as differences in the effects of window conductance, crawlspace performance, heat pumps, and heating/air conditioning fan energy.

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Buildings - EnergyGauge; Heat Pumps; Heating; Buildings - HVAC; Buildings - Windows


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