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Buildings; Energy Efficiency


The Florida Building Commission is in the initial phase of it triennial revision of the Florida Building Code. The Florida Building Code has included specific energy provisions since its inception in 2001. Those provisions are the Florida Energy Code (FEC), which was initiated in 1979. In 2008, the Florida legislature enacted HB 7135, requiring the 2010 FEC to provide 20% energy savings compared with the 2007 FEC. HB 7135 also requires that the energy provisions of the Florida Building Code use the 2009 IECC as the foundation and that the IECC shall be modified to maintain the efficiencies of the FEC. This constitutes a legal distinction within Florida's code process, requiring that modifications to the 2009 IECC foundation code be based on the Legislature's mandates for the FEC. This preliminary report provides a review of the current Florida and IECC energy code provisions and makes recommendations on how FEC energy efficiency provisions can be integrated into a Florida code framework that uses the 2009 IECC as the foundation code. A follow-on report, expanding on technical issues, is anticipated as part of the consensus process of developing and promulgating the 2010 FEC.

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