Study Of New Generation BP Solar Modules And Commercial PV Connectors And Study Of Leakage Current In BP Solar PV Modules In The Hot And Humid Climate Of Florida, Year 2, Quarter 3

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PV Modules; PV Connectors; Monitoring


A study of leakage currents in PV modules has been shown to be effective in early detection of design, material or process flaws inPV modules. Corrosion has been found to occur in some a-Si:H PVmodules during accelerated testing under damp-heat with high voltagebias conditions. The objective of this project is to carry outaccelerated testing of PV modules deployed in hot and humid climateunder very high voltage bias conditions so as to understandcorrelation, if any, between the leakage current and mobile corrosiveimpurities. Moreover, efforts will be made to elucidate the modes and mechanisms of failures in PV modules with an aim to apply the Physicsof Failure methodology for improving the service lifetime of PVmodules specially developed for high voltage PV systems. A detailedstudy on various types of PV connectors is also being carried out inorder to understand the effect of hot and humid environmentalconditions on PV connectors.

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Monitoring; PV Connectors; PV Modules


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