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This Final Report summarizes the work performed by the Florida Solar Energy Center/University of Central Florida on the contract entitled "Energy Conservation in the Trinidad Tourist Industry Training Program". This program was performed for the Ministry of Tourism, Trinidad and Tobago, WI. (MoTTT) for the period September 1 to November 1, 2008. The MoTTT established a program for the tourist industry to facilitate learning about energy conservation and renewable energy technologies appropriate for resort applications on the Island of Trinidad. The Florida Solar Energy Center provided assistance through consulting, in education about energy technologies. FSEC modified existing energy training courses to provide the education needed for the resorts to understand the concept, design and operation of conservation and renewable energy systems. This program consisted of three tasks: 1) design training materials, 2) conduct workshop and 3) report results. An FSEC staff member traveled to Trinidad to conduct a workshop in conjunction with Trinidad celebration of International Tourism Week. Workshop participants were provided with educational materials and certificates of completion.

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