Quantitative And Economic Analysis Of The 7th Edition (2020) Florida Building Energy Code

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Swami, Muthusamy V.

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Energy Codes; Energy Analysis; Building Codes; Commercial


This project was initiated to demonstrate whether the proposed the 7th Edition (2020) Florida Energy Code meets or exceeds the 2016 ASHRAE 90.1 Code. For this, quantitative analysis of the 2020 Florida Commercial Building Energy Code and the 2016 ASHRAE 900.1 Code were performed. The analysis predicted annual energy use and total energy cost of 16 commercial prototype building energy models using EnergyPlus, whole building performance simulation program. Weighted Florida average Energy Use Intensity and Energy Cost Index were computed to make the the proposed 2020 Florida Energy Code performance determination.

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Buildings - Building Codes; Buildings - Commercial; Buildings - Energy Analysis; Buildings - Energy Codes


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