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Past research has shown that energy use can be reduced by 81% in improved new portable classrooms in Florida. On June 2-3, 2008 a design charrette was held in Palm Beach Gardens with the goal of developing qualities that should be considered for a High-Performance Green Relocatable Classroom (HPGRC) standard for Florida or other regions in hot and humid climates. This charrette is just one of many steps that would be involved in development and acceptance of a HPGRC standard. It is hoped that the results of this can be shared with others and used to build on the development of improved relocatables. This document provides a summary of ideas developed during the charrette as well as incorporates ideas from other resources such as research publications, Collaborative for High Performance Schools, and Advanced Energy Design Guide K-12.

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Original Publication: Withers Jr., C., "Overview and Summary of Design Ideas From The High Performance Green Relocatable Classroom Charrette", October, 2008.

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Buildings - Energy Efficiency; Schools


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