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Photovoltaics; Continuing Education


This document serves as a written summary of some of the elements required for the design, specification, construction and operation of a successful laboratory for the training of photovoltaics systems. This document only discusses the equipment requirements for such a lab. A successful training lab for education and certification also requires qualified and trained personnel; in-service training to maintain competency; procedures and protocols for curriculum, evaluation, and reporting; careful adherence to the relevant Standards; protocols for quality assurance and calibration; detailed documentation of all procedures and protocols. Accreditation of the lab by and independent evaluating agency is also useful in providing third-party verification of the laboratory's qualifications for education. Third-party accreditation helps provide confidence in the lab and its products (materials, reports, test data, instruction etc) on the part of certification agencies as well as the general consumer.

The following text lists various measured parameters pertaining to photovoltaic performance during operation. It is recommended that ISO/IEC 17025 "General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories" be consulted in addition to this Manual, especially for issues pertaining to documentation, quality control, and reporting.

Following the text, figures and photos of actual equipment in operation are given as examples to help describe the required equipment and sensors. Table 1 at the end of the document summarizes FSEC test equipment and each piece's sensitivity.

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Continuing Education; Photovoltaics


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