Evaluation Of Heat Pump Retrofit Program For The Orlando Utilities Commission

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Vieira, Robin; Fenaughty, Karen; Raustad, Richard; Fairey, Philip

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HVAC; Residential; Peak Demand; Heat Pumps; Data Analysis


The objective of this report is to describe the evaluation and methods for the Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC) heat pump program for space conditioning systems being installed in their service territory. The primary intention is to estimate the savings in energy (kWh) and coincident peak demand (kW) relative to a standard SEER 14 heat pump (HP), which is now the lowest efficiency unit that can be installed. These impacts are being evaluated so that future segments of the HP program can be most efficiently installed. The evaluation was done by the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) under contract to OUC. This report concludes with recommendations to improve the program based upon analysis findings.

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Data Analysis; Heat Pumps; Buildings - HVAC; Buildings - Peak Demand; Buildings - Residential


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