Closing The Gap: Getting Full Performance From Residential Air Conditioners -- Final Report

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Residential; Buildings; HVAC


A multi-agency collaborative research project was conducted to address key factors related to the shortfall in field performance of residential central air conditioning compared to expectations based on laboratory-based federal efficiency ratings. Different agencies were responsible for different aspects of the project. This report focuses on the project tasks and subtasks for which the University of Central Florida / Florida Solar Energy Center (UCF/FSEC) was the lead agency or those where UCF/FSEC provided a supportive role assisting other project partners.The project included five major tasks: developing suggestions to improve central air conditioning performance ratings, developing a robust feature set for residential air conditioners to improve long-term operating efficiencies, monitoring air conditioner performance in the field to extend the body of knowledge about field conditions and system performance in different regions of the country, developing a residential air conditioner optimized for hot-humid climates, and disseminating the project results through reports, technical papers, presentations and training classes. The project began in June 2004 and was completed over a 3-year period.

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