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Chasar, David; Beal, David; Chandra, Subrato

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The International Builders' Show (IBS) sponsored by the National Association of Home Builders is a venue attracting over 100,000 builders and building related professionals every year. The increased attendances each year improves the educational sessions, vendor participation and "live" home construction demonstrations. The "live" home demonstrations are a great opportunity to integrate high performance construction and commissioning strategies into the marketplace to validate and distinguish products and the show home builders. At this past year's IBS show in February, Palm Harbor Homes built the GenX home that included an installed and operational 4.08kWp photovoltaic system with inverter and back up battery management system, a solar hot water heater, completed and passed the thermal bypass inspection checklist required for EnergyStar certification and obtained Florida Green Building Certification. The home also qualified for a local utility rebate for meeting EnergyStar, further demonstrating that incentive programs encourage high performance building practices and are vital to integrating commissioning procedures into the marketplace. Blower door and duct leakage tests were conducted to quantify as built conditions validating modular manufacturing quality assurance. This paper aims to provide a case study of commissioned performance measures that justify costs for these demonstration projects and "live" show homes.

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Original Publication: Thomas-Rees, S., Chasar, D., Beal, D., Chandra, S., "Using Show Homes (and Sponsorships) to Persuade Commissioning Relevancy and Factory Crafted High Performance Modular Homes", January 2008.


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