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Withers Jr., Charles; Sonne, Jeffrey

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Buildings; Energy Conservation; Energy Efficiency


A research project was carried out to examine the energy savings which occurred from recommissioning three University of Central Florida buildings. Recommissioning activities completed in two of the three buildings yielded chilled water and whole building electricity savings on the order of 15% to 30%. Recommissioning implementation is pending in the third building, where savings are projected to be in the range of 40% to 50% of total building energy use. Additionally, cooling energy savings were monitored (and calculated) for a green roof installation at one of these three buildings. Calculated savings were found to be 1.05 kWh/day for a 1650 ft2 green roof during the cooling season, compared to adjacent white membrane roof. Additionally, a five-course series titled Designing and Maintaining the Failure-Proof Building was developed and presented in two cities in Florida.

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Buildings - Energy Conservation; Buildings - Energy Efficiency


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