ASHRAE Standard 140-2004 Standard Method Of Test For The Evaluation Of Building Energy Analysis Computer Programs: Test Results Fro The DOE

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Gu, Lixing; Swami, Muthusamy V.

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Energy Analysis; Buildings


The DOE 2.1.E (v120) simulatin engine that is incorporated in Energy Guage Summit 3.1 was tested using the ASHRAE STandard Method of Test for Evaluation of Building Energy Analysis Computer Program (BESTEST), the ASHRAE Standard 140-2004. Tests included both the building thermal envelope and fabric load set of tests and the HVAC systgem component performance suite of tests. Comparative set of results are provided along with this report. The tests were carried out as required by the guidelines and regulations relateing to tax deductions available for energy efficient commercial buildings under 179D of the internal Revenue Code2 of the IRS.

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Buildings - Energy Analysis


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