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Solar Thermal; Buildings; Water Heating; Simulation; Residential


This document is meant to serve as a detailed summary of the comparison between the simulation methods of EnergyGauge USA and TRNSYS (version 15) relating to solar hot water systems. The initial motivation behind this comparison was to verify that the f-chart model created for EnergyGauge's solar hot water calculations was reporting the correct results. To this end, models of three systems were created in TRNSYS in order to serve as a baseline for the EnergyGauge results. The three systems modeled were: Liquid-active closed loop (LACL), Liquid-active open loop (LAOL), Integrated collector storage (ICS). This document will detail each of these systems as they were modeled in TRNSYS as well as the F-chart model that was created for EnergyGauge. The goal of this document is to provide a single source of information about all of the models and a comparison of the results produced by each model.

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Original Publication: Michael Anello, "Comparison of Solar Hot Water Systems Simulated in EnergyGauge USA and TRNSYS 15", prepared for the Florida Solar Energy Center, Cocoa, FL, November 2006

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Buildings - Residential; Simulation; Solar Thermal; Water Heating


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