Evaluation Of Building Performance Improvement Potential For A BP Store

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Swami, Muthusamy V.; Basarkar, Mangesh

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Perform energy audit & inspection. An audit would be performed that would indicate the overall building configuration and operation. Areas of audit would include: Equipment type, load and operation; Building air tightness test; Duct system air tightness test; Building construction details; HVAC performance test; Determine current ventilation provided. A detailed examination of the enclosure would be performed for collecting data for inputs to the computer simulation task. Data gathered would include: Construction details, including layout, building and equipment details; Degradation type and extent; Perform Computer Analysis. Inputs from the previous tasks will be fed into a detailed Building simulation software and the energy performance of the baseline building will be bench marked against available performance data from previous tasks. Simulations will include: Develop of input files for a prototype store; Benchmark against available performance data; Simulate analysis of what-if scenarios for improved building performance; Analyze potentials of practical renewable energy systems

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