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Swami, Muthusamy V.

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Buildings; Software


Building security issues are of serious concern in the industry today. This paper will describe the design, development and testing of a software tool that can be effectively used to translate three dimensional building data sets of geometry, materials and HVAC components into an input file for the airflow and contaminant concentration simulation program CONTAM. The objective of the exercise is to allow for shorter turnaround time in evaluating IAQ strategies and building security related issues.

The software tool, 'fsIFCCTM', has been successfully tested to translate 3-D building elements like spaces, walls, doors, windows, and HVAC components like ducts, duct junctions, terminals, fans, filters etc. With additional work, the software can be further extended to translate elements like sensors and controls. It uses the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) data model for achieving the translation.

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Original Publication: Basarkar, M. and Swami, M., "IFC to CONTAM Translator", Presented at the SimBuild 2006 Conference in Boston, August 2-4, 2006

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Buildings; Software


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