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Vieira, Robin; Cummings, James

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Air Quality; Buildings; Schools


This study addresses indoor air quality and general conditions problems in schools throughout the United States. Tools employed to investigate conditions include a nationwide, web-based survey, characterization of actual operating conditions in schools through field audits and diagnostic tests, and retrofits in problem schools.

Survey results found temperature to be by far the greatest comfort complaint in regular classrooms, with indoor air quality (IAQ) and then humidity being the next greatest areas of complaints. Ventilation problems were found at each of eight audited schools. These problems appear to be occurring due to a combination of factors including lack of maintenance, lack of knowledge of the systems and in some cases poor system design. Four small retrofit projects were also completed.

The results from this project indicate that without substantial funding for and prioritization of school maintenance, widespread significant school improvements will not be realized.

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Reference Publication: Sonne, J., Vieira, R., Cummings, J., "School Conditions Will Continue to Earn Failing Grades"., Fifteenth Symposium on Improving Building Systems in Hot and Humid Climates, July 24­26, 2006 Orlando, FL.

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Buildings - Air Quality; Schools


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