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Chasar, David

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Buildings; Hot Humid Climates


The Florida Solar Energy Center conducted research utilizing two unconditioned, old, singlewide side-by-side manufactured homes, one with a ground cover and one with exposed dirt under it. Three different skirting options were tested, open or no skirting, perforated skirting, and solid skirting.

Ambient and crawlspace dewpoints were recorded. The data is summarized in the table below. The skirting configurations tested are in Column 1, Column 2 lists the average ambient dewpoint, 3 the ground cover crawlspace, 4 the exposed dirt crawlspace dewpoint.

Successfully sealing HUD code home crawlspaces is the last piece of the puzzle of floor failures plaguing homes in hot, humid climates. Merely curing the duct leakage is not always enough to keep the floors of the house intact.

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Original Publication: Beal, D. and Chasar, D., "Measured Crawlspace Conditions in a HUD-code Home", Fifteenth Symposium on Improving Building Systems in Hot and Humid Climates, July 24-26, 2006, Orlando, FL

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Buildings; Hot Humid Climates


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