Test Method For Photovoltaic Module Power Rating

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In 1976, the Florida Legislature enacted the Solar Energy Standards Act of 1976, Section 377.705, Florida Statutes. This law, effective October 1976, directs the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) to develop standards for solar energy equipment sold or manufactured in the state, establish criteria for determining the performance of solar energy equipment, and maintain a test facility for evaluating solar energy equipment performance. It provides for FSEC to charge fees to cover cost of testing and allows the acceptance of test results from other testing organizations.The Solar Energy Standards Act was amended in 1978 to require that after January 1, 1980, all solar systems manufactured and sold in Florida must meet the standards of FSEC and shall display results of performance tests in a manner prescribed by FSEC. In 2001, FSEC started a program to test and certify the performance of solar photovoltaic (PV) modules. This test method and criteria were developed for FSEC's PV module performance certification program. This standard was developed to ensure that solar energy equipment manufactured or sold within the state is effective and represents a high level of quality of materials, workmanship, and design. The use of this standard is expected to enhance consumer confidence and improve the design and sizing of PV systems, thereby improving reliability and cost-effectiveness.

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