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Alternative Fuel Vehicles; Electric Vehicles


This report presents an inter-model comparison between the Switch and GE Energy Consulting, (GE) Multi Area Production Simulation (MAPS) power system models. This work was conducted as part of the project on the "Effect of Electric Vehicles on Power System Expansion and Operation" under a sub award to the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute, University of Hawaii at Manoa (UH), from the Electric Vehicle Transportation Center (EVTC) at the Florida Solar Energy Center, University of Central Florida. The EVTC is a University Transportation Center funded by the Research and Innovative Technology Administration of the US Department of Transportation. The EVTC is a research and education center whose projects prepare the US transportation system for the influx of electric vehicles (EVs) into a sustainable transportation network and include investigation of the opportunity these vehicles present to enhance electric grid modernization efforts. The objective of the "Effect of Electric Vehicles on Power System Expansion and Operation" project was to examine the effects of EVs on electric power system design and operation. The work included expanding the Switch model (previously created by the author) to better model interactions and improve coordination between EV charging and power production in advanced, high-renewable power systems.

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Alternative Fuel Vehicles; Electric Vehicles


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