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Simulation; Buildings; Attics; Roofs


The California Energy Commission (CEC) is developing a new attic simulation model for assessing residential energy performance within its Title 24 residential compliance methodology. Within this project, we are providing technical support to assist Bruce Wilcox and CEC in development of the model based on Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) experience with similar models. We assisted the effort by using data from FSEC instrumented facilities to help verify the eventual simulation. We also outlined critical issues for modeling with the development of the simulation. Given the importance of attic ventilation, we are also conducting new studies of varied ventilation rates in the late summer of 2005 to assist the evaluation.

The simulation results have been applied to empirical results from a variety of sources, including those in California, which had been extensively monitored. Analysis on the empirical data compared with computer simulation is used to suggest key factors for the attic thermal model that will allow it to reliably predict attic thermal performance and associated impacts on space cooling and space heating.

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Original Publication: Danny Parker, "Technical Support for Development of an Attic Simulation Model for the California Energy Commission", prepared for Bruce Wilcox, PE, Contract Report, FSEC-CR-1526-05, September 2005

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Buildings - Attics; Buildings - Roofs; Simulation


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