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Jones, Alaina; Turner, Carolyn; Chandra, Subrato; Beal, David; Parker, Danny; Moyer, Neil; McIlvaine, Janet

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Energy Efficiency; Buildings; Manufactured Houses


In partnership with the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC), two manufactured homes were located on North Carolina A&T State University's campus in Greensboro, NC and used in a side-by-side energy consumption comparison. One of the homes was built to the basic HUD code standard and the other was constructed with features expected to produce a home that was 50% more energy efficient.

FSEC and NCATSU began monitoring energy performance in both homes. In addition, the performance of each unit was evaluated using a DOE2 based computer energy analysis program developed by FSEC. A comparison of the performance of the units shows a measured energy savings in the more energy efficient unit of 52% for the Heating, cooling, and DHW energy use. This compares well with the energy savings predicted by the FSEC Energy Gauge program of 57%, even when accounting for the warmer than usual winter experienced during the testing period.

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Original Publication: McGinley, M., Jones, A., Turner, C., Chandra, S., Beal, D., Parker, D., Moyer, N., and McIlvaine, J., "Optimizing Manufactured Housing Energy Use", Symposium on Improving Building Systems in Hot and Humid Climates - Richardson, Texas, May 17-19, 2004

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Buildings - Energy Efficiency; Buildings - Manufactured Houses


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