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Vieira, Robin

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Buildings; Building Codes; Energy Analysis; EnergyGauge; Software


EnergyGauge USA is used to study outdoor air ventilation rates in energy-efficient, one-story 2000 ft2, 3 bedroom, single-family homes in sixteen representative U.S. cities. Each of the 16 home archetypes is configured to be minimally compliant with the score requirements of Table R406.4 of the 2018 IECC as determined in accordance with ANSI/RESNET/ICC 301-2014. Each home is also configured to comply using two different compliance methods: the first with only high-efficiency options and the second utilizing on-site photovoltaic power generation. Each home configuration is evaluated using the ANSI/RESNET/ICC 301 Reference Home ventilation specification and again using the 2018 IECC R406.3 Reference Home ventilation specification. Results from the simulations are used to conduct analysis and evaluation of the impacts of the 2018 IECC R406.3 Reference Home ventilation specification on the index scores of the home archetypes in the 16 representative TMY cities.

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Buildings - Building Codes; Buildings - Energy Analysis; Buildings - EnergyGauge; Software


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