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The Florida Photovoltaic (PV) Rebate Program, which began in March of 1999, has led to the installation of 52 utility interactive PV systems in seven electric utility service territories. The Program offered $4 per installed DC Watt to Florida electric consumers who installed grid-connected photovoltaic equipment in accordance with a series of quality control requirements developed and administered by the Florida Solar Energy Center. All rebated installations are currently being monitored in an effort to collect statistically significant reliability, performance and cost data on grid-connected PV systems. Funding for this program was provided through a one-time grant from the Florida Energy Office/Department of Community Affairs. Through an arrangement with Sandia National Laboratories and the U.S. Department of Energy, the labor costs of administering the program were covered by the Photovoltaic Southeast Regional Experiment Station. In addition to those inquiries that resulted in successfully funded PV installations, the Program also generated more than 2,000 electronic mail and telephone inquiries during its duration, which did not lead to the disbursement of rebate funds.

This paper will summarize and statistically analyze the physical and economic parameters of those systems that were installed, and will qualitatively assess the barriers to program participation based on a survey instrument given to commercial and residential building owners in Florida who inquired about the rebate program. The results of this analysis are used to gauge the success of the Florida PV Rebate Program and make recommendations for the handling of future rebate programs in the State of Florida.

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