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Buildings; Florida


Most local green building programs in existence seek to bestow a "green designation" on a builder, building owner, or developer with residential, commercial, and development standards. Municipalities, however, play an important role in making green building become "business as usual" rather than a conscious choice made by few. Municipalities can set an example to the community by incorporating green building techniques in the construction and operation of public and government buildings, play a vital role in community education, and can create incentives and mandates to foster green building within the community. Florida's green building program has set out to create a Florida Green Municipality Standard that designates and certifies cities and counties that incorporate such principles. In this paper, the need and development of such a standard is discussed, including the process of utilizing select pilot municipalities to act as models. The paper also describes how the effort is accomplishing State goals of bringing together entities with common objectives and overlapping interests to develop integrated energy/environmental solutions to statewide as well as local issues.

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Reference Publication: Martin, Eric and Vieira, Robin. "Energy and Environmental Integration through a Green Municipality Designation." Presented at the International Green Building Conference and Exposition, United States Green Building Council, Austin, Texas, November 2002.

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Buildings; Florida


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