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Wilson, William

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Alternative Fuel Vehicles; Electric Vehicles


Wireless charging tests of electric vehicles (EV) have been conducted at the EVTC Wireless Laboratory located at the Florida Solar Energy Center, Cocoa, FL. These tests were performed to document testing protocols, evaluate standards and evaluate operational related wireless charging characteristics. The presented results give the charging efficiency of a Plugless wireless charger of 3.3 kW rated input power operating at 20 kHz resonant frequency. The results show a maximum charging efficiency of 94% at about 19 cm (7.5 in) of vertical separation. The electric and magnetic fields emanating from the transmitter were measured with and without the unit installed on the vehicle. Measurements after the unit was installed indicate a peak electric field of 430 V/m (0.43 kV/m) and a peak magnetic field of 57 μT at the rear of the vehicle near the installed location. Measurements at the side of the vehicle indicate a much lower electric field strength below 2 V/m along the entire side length of the vehicle.

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Alternative Fuel Vehicles; Electric Vehicles


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