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Fenaughty, Karen; Parker, Danny; Lubliner, Michael; Howard, Luke

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Ventilation; Cooling; Moisture; Buildings


Whole-house mechanical ventilation is a critical component to a comprehensive strategy for good indoor air quality (IAQ). However, due to lack of integration with standard heating and cooling systems, and perceptions from a portion of the homebuilding industry about risks related to increased energy use, increased cost, and decreased comfort, voluntary and code-required adoption varies amongst regions. Smart ventilation controls (SVC) balance energy consumption, comfort, and IAQ by optimizing mechanical ventilation operation to reduce the heating and/or cooling loads, improve management of indoor moisture, and maintain IAQ equivalence according to ASHRAE 62.2.Suggested Citation:Martin, E.; Fernaughty, K.; Parker, D.; Lubliner, M.; Howard, L. 2018. Field and Laboratory Testing of Approaches to Smart Whole-House Mechanical Ventilation Control. Golden, CO; NationalRenewable Energy Laboratory. DOE/EE-1701., Links to Pub at DOE:

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Buildings - Cooling; Buildings - Moisture; Buildings - Ventilation


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