Evaluation Of The Duct Leakage Estimation Procedures Of ASHRAE Standard 152P

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Withers Jr., Charles; Moyer, Neil

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Ducts; Buildings; Air Flow


Research was performed at two houses to evaluate the duct system airtightness test (DSAT) and the house pressure test (HPT) duct leak estimation procedures of the proposed ASHRAE Standard 152P, Method of Test for Determining the Design and Seasonal Efficiencies of Residential Thermal Distribution Systems. Two hybrid estimation methodologies were also examined. Duct leaks were created so that direct measurement of duct leakage could be performed as a basis for comparison.In general the various test methods do not predict duct leakage accurately, with deviation of 24% of more (from measured leakage) for most test methods. Some deviation results from inaccurate characterization of duct operating pressure. The standard DSAT appears to predict duct leakage accurately when duct operating pressures are well known. However, accurately characterizing duct operating pressure is no trivial task; therefore, the prospect of accurately characterizing duct leakage using currently available methods appears to be uncertain.

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Original Publication: Cummings, J., Withers, C., Moyer, N., "Evaluation of the Duct Leakage Estimation Procedures of ASHRAE Standard 152P",ASHRAE Transactions 2000, V. 106, July 7, 2000.

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Buildings - Air Flow; Buildings - Ducts


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